Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pulling Up

Everett just pulled up for the first time in his crib. He woke up from his nap this morning and when I went in there to get him he was standing up. It seemed normal at first and then I was like, wait a minute, you're standing up. He's so cute. Maybe soon he'll start pulling up on other things. He seems like the type that will enjoy walking a lot more than crawling. He doesn't like to crawl too much because I think he's got sensitive knees. :)

Our family arrives today (my sister and her husband and 3 kids). I can't wait to see Everett interact with his cousins.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Very Warm Day

It feels like summer! Today topped out at 91 degrees. We spent the morning spreading pine straw in our beds in the front yard and then decided to cool off in our new baby pool. It was cold at first, but we all enjoyed it after the sun warmed it up. It was a good investment off of Craig's List. We bought it for only $10. Everett loved the little slide and the sprinkler action it has. I think it will really be fun to have this summer.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

10 Months Tomorrow

Everett is all over the place now. It's fun. The other day Allen and I were in the kitchen and Everett was all of the way in the living room when all of the sudden we see his little head popping into the kitchen. It was so cute. He's not too fast yet. He crawls to one spot and sits up and looks around to see what he can grab and chew on. Then he crawls a bit more. So we're not having to baby proof everything quite yet, but it's coming soon!

We finished our downstairs bathroom remodel, minus a few decorative touches. We just finished painting and rearranging our den. It's looks really fresh and clean. We painted it a gold color that took the guy at Sherwin Williams over an hour to match. It looks pretty good. We didn't paint either of the paneled walls or wood trim though, because I'm hoping we'll be able to take the wall down between our den and kitchen when we remodel our kitchen, which I'm praying will happen one day. Although in our home to-do box, the kitchen remodel is in the "dream" section.

We had a wonderful time over Memorial Day Weekend going to Georgetown, SC, to Sam Mohlenhoff's parent's house. They live right on the bay and very close to Pawley's Island, where we went to the beach. Sam's parent's house is so beautiful and we got to stay in their cute little guest cottage. It was fun hanging out with Sam and Trevor and Maddie, who is getting so old now! Also, Sam and Trevor's friends, Mark and Stephanie came along. They were great.

Our awesome neighbors, Tim and Alayna, just had their baby girl, Jae Anna Wu. She's so sweet! They seem to be holding up well. I'm excited that Alayna will be home with Jae so we can hang out together. Hopefully Jae and Everett will be good buddies! Here is a link to their Flickr pictures if you want to see some pictures of their cutie pie:

We're hoping to work out in the yard this weekend. The weeds seem to quickly get away from us. Hopefully we can spread some pine straw to keep them away for the rest of the summer at least. Our friend Chris is staying with us right now because he just sold his house and is looking for a new one. Then my sister and her clan will be here next Thursday and stay until the following Saturday. Life is busy, but good!