Friday, August 17, 2007

Family Photos

Here are some special photos of our family that my sister took while we were out in California. She's just starting to develop her own photography business and I think she's going to be great!

Going back to Cali

We've been so busy I haven't had time to blog and half the time I don't have much creative to say. I wish I had one of those blogs that 87 people left comments on, but at least I have a few faithful readers. Sorry my writing and graphics aren't more creative. I probably should branch out more than just talking about my family and our experiences but most of the time I'm worn out out after just blogging about that.

Anyways, here is the latest update on our California trip we took the first week in August: We went out there to visit my sister and her family. It was over 5 hours on a plane with Everett in our laps. He did pretty well though...thanks to our friend, Jeanne, for letting us borrow her DVD player. We snuck in the trip just before E turned 2 so we wouldn't have to buy him a seat. There is definitely a plus side and a negative side to that.

We were so blessed to spend time with my sister's family and Everett fit right in with his 4 cousins! It was was pretty wild at times with 5 kids in one house, but it was fun to see them all playing together. One day while we were there we went to an amusement park called Gilroy Gardens. It's built for younger kids and it was so much fun. The next day we went to the beach and then on Sunday, Elliot got baptized. The other days we stayed closer to home. They live in Mountain View, about 45 minutes south of San Francisco. The weather was beautiful there...highs in the 70's. I was bragging to a guy at the park there that the weather in Atlanta is pretty nice far we had a pretty mild summer. Little did I know we'd come home to a heat wave and unbearable temperatures.

I'm so thankful for my wonderful sister, who is so fun to be with. I'm glad Everett knows his cousins, even though they live on the other side of the country.

Here are some photos from our time there:

Gilroy Gardens

Half Moon Bay

Elliot's Baptism