Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Warmer Weather

I am really loving this weather. It's been so warm and sunny outside. I love not haivng to worry about coats and it's so nice to be able to let Everett play outside again. Here are some cute photos of him playing outside with his balloon yesterday:

Thursday, February 15, 2007

No love on Valentines

I thought this Valentine's Day was going to be so special and I've been looking forward to it for the past two weeks. I made reservations for us to go to Rosa Mexicano, a restaurant in Atlantic Station. Our dear friends offered to babysit for us. I was thrilled at the prospects of having a night out on the town, especially after Allen was sick all last weekend.

I awoke yesterday at 6am to work out. Then I prepared our home to host playgroup, which was a special Valentine's Day playgroup, where we decided to merge two playgroups together. It was very crowded, but a lot of fun. The older kids exchanged Valentines which was so cute. I was exhausted after everyone left and thinking about how much I was going to enjoy the evening out.

Then Allen got home and we exchanged our cards and little gifts. We packed up and headed to our friend's house to drop Everett off. We were halfway there and Everett threw up in the car. We pulled the car over and attempted to clean him up and then headed home. When I called the restaurant to cancel our reservations, I was crying. So, we got home, cleaned things up and Allen headed out to pick up a pizza to at least salvage some of the evening. While he was gone, Everett threw up again.

As we were cleaning all of that up, our septic tank overflowed into our downstairs bathroom, which made it impossible to do laundry...even though I was halfway through washing our car seat cover, clothes, towels, etc. Plus our washing machine is having issues anyways, which Allen has been meaning to fix, but alas he was sick all last weekend. So, then we had a sick kid on our hands with towels, clothes, etc. all needing to be washed and piling up. And water in the downstairs bathroom that had to be cleaned up. Yuck!

At 9pm we sat down to eat our cold pizza and then went upstairs to take care of Everett who continued to throw up through most of the night and into today. My sweet husband got up with him most of the night. It was a memorable Valentine's Day to say the least. I've gotten over it now, but I have to say I was pretty disappointed last night. I'm just hoping that this stomach virus leaves our house quickly and especially that none of the kids that were here at playgroup will get infected, as it seems Everett was exchanging more than just Valentines.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Making Progress

We've slowly been making progress on our office/playroom remodel. We've pretty much got everything painted and the new room is starting to take shape. It's so exciting to see it come together. I really like the new color and it will go with our playroom rug perfectly. Now we've just got to finish up a few more areas on the painting side, switch the outlets from cream to white (the last room in the house for this...woo hoo!), install new doors on the laundry room, install new carpet, etc., etc.

Here is a cool before and after so far...



FYI...Never buy the Lowe's brand primer called American Tradition Tintable Color Primer. It was horrible. We had to take it back because it was way too watery. You can see in the photo below what it did to our walls...it looked more like a whitewash. When we returned it we got Zinsser's Bulls Eye Water-Base Interior Primer & Sealer and it covered the walls like a charm and we only had to do one coat of the primer and one coat of paint.

My Adorable Son

Everett has really turned into an even cuter, funnier little boy the past couple of weeks. He's seems a lot older now. He is constantly repeating things we say. He loves to dance and jump, even if his feet don't leave the floor. He tries to sing when I sing, especially the alphabet. He tries to copy Daddy when he whistles. He's almost got all of his top teeth in...the last two are poking through. He can do a lot more on his own. It's just really fun to see him growing up. He's definitely my little buddy.

Here are a couple of new photos of him playing around during one of our breaks from painting our office/playroom. On a funny note, he got the little people garage for Christmas from Mimi & Papa. It has a ramp for the cars to go down, except Everett thinks it's a slide for him to go down. I constantly see him sitting on top...too cute.

Going down the "slide"...