Friday, February 09, 2007

My Adorable Son

Everett has really turned into an even cuter, funnier little boy the past couple of weeks. He's seems a lot older now. He is constantly repeating things we say. He loves to dance and jump, even if his feet don't leave the floor. He tries to sing when I sing, especially the alphabet. He tries to copy Daddy when he whistles. He's almost got all of his top teeth in...the last two are poking through. He can do a lot more on his own. It's just really fun to see him growing up. He's definitely my little buddy.

Here are a couple of new photos of him playing around during one of our breaks from painting our office/playroom. On a funny note, he got the little people garage for Christmas from Mimi & Papa. It has a ramp for the cars to go down, except Everett thinks it's a slide for him to go down. I constantly see him sitting on top...too cute.

Going down the "slide"...


katie said...

i love the slide thing... i think all of my kids tried that. they're always trying to figure out how big they really are it seems. he's soooo cute!

keri said...

thats funny, evan has the same little people garage and he likes to get on top of it too. :) what a cutie pie little everett is!