Tuesday, January 30, 2007


We're continuing to make progress on our office/playroom remodel. It takes along time...especially all the prep work...caulking, drywall, mudding, etc. Now that we've got most of that behind us, the painting is definitely coming along. We've got two coats of paint on all the trim now. We've decided to go ahead and paint the laundry room too while we're at it. Allen's priming one of our walls now, but the American Tradition Tintable Primer we got seems really watery. I wasn't sure about the woman in the paint department at the Lowes where we went (she was not very happy)...so we might try to take it back. We're not sure. I wanted to have things done (things always take longer than you expect) before my next blog about this, but I've had several people ask about our progress, so here are some new pictures. You can compare with those in my previous blog if you want.

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Layna said...

Looking good, you guys... The white trim really brightens the room.