Friday, January 12, 2007

Rachel Ray

I love the new Rachel Ray show. It's so much fun to watch with so many good tips, advice, and of course great recipes. I think it's really changed the way I cook. I used to make so many recipes with those canned soups. I guess I never thought there was another way. It feels so good to use more fresh ingredients now and like RR says you actually know what your putting into your food and it's so fast too. Maybe all of you out there already knew all of this but since we just have basic cable, I've never watched much of the Food Network before. I will say that the shows of RR's I've seen on the FN were really scripted and this one is so much more real. It comes on at 3pm...which is usually right in the middle of E's nap, so I usually catch it. You can't print the recipes until after 4pm and I'm usually sitting at the computer waiting to print the day's recipes...unless it has mushrooms like today's recipe did. :) Yesterday she had a ton of great recipes using leftover chili. I haven't tried any of them yet, but I'm planning to. You can get them off her website, Just check out Thursday's recipes.


katie said...

she is inspiring, but so are you... everytime we visit there, i leave thinking i need to be more like you in the kitchen! you're a good wife and mom... and host to my herd!

keri said...

i like her new show too. i only get to watch it when my kids let me (they rule the tv in the afternoon!) :)