Monday, July 10, 2006

Everett Update

Everett was 11 months old yesterday and now has two top teeth coming in. What's funny is it's his two side front teeth, rather than the two middle front teeth. I can tell the other two top teeth won't be far behind. I'm glad he'll be able to eat more foods now that he's getting his top teeth. He's also now able to crawl up our stairs, which is fun but also a scary proposition considering he can't yet go down. He surprises me how easily he can stand up now and how quickly he gets around.

This morning we were rolling a golf ball back and forth and he could actually throw it to me, which surprised me. When I say throw it, I mean the ball got a little air and it generally went in my direction. He definitely favors his right hand, but he could throw farther with his left. Perfect since we're training him to be the first major league switch pitcher. :) He also can finally wave although not always on command. He's eating more and more and getting so tall. His summer clothes are getting kind of small. Luckily I bought a wide range of sizes because I felt like this would happen. He's wearing some 12 month clothes, but mostly 18 months or 24 months.

We're going to be doing a lot of traveling coming up. We're heading to Augusta this Fri-Sat for Allen's sister's (Lindsay) engagement party. Then we're going to the beach with Allen's family next weekend. Then the following two weekends we'll be on a long trip through Indiana and Ohio visiting various relatives and childhood friends of mine and attending my dad's family reunion. It's going to be a busy July!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Our Pet Deer

I thought after leaving Berry, where the deer to student ratio was 4 to 1, that I would never again come into such close contact with deer again. Little did I know that I would one day live in Peachtree Corners, where the deer roam free. We have evidenced deer being on our property many times due to things like all of our winter annuals being eaten and dug up throughout the winter. Also, this spring, our lilies and hostas were completely devoured down to the nubs. It was a sad morning that day. We also often spot them at night crossing our street. But today took the cake. I was doing dishes and looked out our kitchen window to our backyard. There, about 20 feet away was a huge doe. It startled me at first. We have a fenced in backyard, so it was especially odd. Allen urged me to take some photos. So, I thought it would also be worthy of a blog.

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July this year. We spent the day around our house, finishing the repair job on our garage door. Then we met up with friends from church, and new Peachtree Corners residents, Chad & Tracey, and their son Landon. We went to the top Tracey's office building's parking deck that overlooks Lenox. We met up with several other friends there and had a picnic and played games until the fireworks. Turns out that a big thunderstorm came and they didn't start the fireworks until we were already in our car and were heading home. We did get to see some through the back window though. Everett did well considering we were out until almost 10pm.

Everett is really moving around now and while his cousins were here he started really pulling up on things and also started clapping. It's so cute. We've been going to the pool (Best Friend Park pool on Jimmy Carter) a lot lately and it's been really fun. This summer has been great so far. We are in the process of planning Everett's 1st Birthday Party which will be August 12. He'll be a year old on August 9. I can hardly believe he's almost 11 months now.