Friday, February 09, 2007

Making Progress

We've slowly been making progress on our office/playroom remodel. We've pretty much got everything painted and the new room is starting to take shape. It's so exciting to see it come together. I really like the new color and it will go with our playroom rug perfectly. Now we've just got to finish up a few more areas on the painting side, switch the outlets from cream to white (the last room in the house for this...woo hoo!), install new doors on the laundry room, install new carpet, etc., etc.

Here is a cool before and after so far...



FYI...Never buy the Lowe's brand primer called American Tradition Tintable Color Primer. It was horrible. We had to take it back because it was way too watery. You can see in the photo below what it did to our looked more like a whitewash. When we returned it we got Zinsser's Bulls Eye Water-Base Interior Primer & Sealer and it covered the walls like a charm and we only had to do one coat of the primer and one coat of paint.


katie said...

yeay... the walls look great. good job you guys! can't wait to see the finished progress!

Brian Prentiss said...

Way to go guys!
Can't wait to see it.

keri said...

lookin good. did you change your mind on the color or is that the blue you told me about? i like it.