Monday, April 10, 2006

House Projects

Right now we have two toilets out of commission, both from our guest bathrooms. Allen is still working on our downstairs bathroom, trying his best to put up new baseboards and molding. He's doing this for the first time, so there is a bit of a learning curve. Our other toilet broke last week due to a bad gasket. We've got the part to fix it but haven't been able to make time for it yet. Our dining room has 1 coat of primer on the trim and I just went to go get the wall color for our living and dining room today. We've already painted the trim in the living room. The wall color is called Fenland, which is from Duron. Our friends have the same color in their bedroom and I liked it so much I'm copying it. It's sort of a light sage green.

We are making progress though. My lofty goal is to have the living room, dining room, downstairs bathroom and our office/playroom all done by June, when my family will be here staying with us. I would also like to paint just the walls in the den and kitchen. The outside is still keeping us very busy as well though, with weeding and tending to the grass and plants. I feel like we'll be spending the next several weekends working, but I enjoy it. Allen was just joking with me last night about how at the beginning of our marriage he would always be the one getting me motivated to work and now it's usually the other way around. Funny how roles sometimes change.

Everett is just getting over a bad cold. It was tough last week dealing with it, mainly because he was coughing so much he would gag and then throw up. Nasty stuff. He's doing much better now, except for a runny nose. He just celebrated his 8 month birthday yesterday. I can hardly believe it. He's definitely growing up. I'm still finding much more joy in being a mom. My 29th birthday is coming up soon! I can't believe that either. Allen and I have both created our own websites through Google Pages. You can check them out through the links to the right. I've put several of my recipes on my site. Enjoy!

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