Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Everett is one!

Everett turned 1 on August 9. We had his party on Saturday, August 12. It was a tropical themed party, forced indoors due to humidity and rain. We had a really great time though. We had about 20 or so friends and family over and celebrated with bar-b-que and cake. My mom and I made a palm tree cake, which turned out really cute (see flickr for a picture). Everett didn't dive into his cake much at all...he was much more tentative, as he is with most things. He seemed to like it when he tried it though. I think everyone huddled in the kitchen singing and staring at him threw him off a bit. He got a lot of wonderful gifts and has really enjoyed having some new toys to play with. We gave out a prize (a pineapple) for the best dressed...which went to our neigbors, the Wu's. They both were decked out in tropical prints and thier little baby girl was too. She was too cute!

It's nice that Everett's 1 now, mainly because we are done with formula and baby food. It's sometimes hard figuring out the next phase, but at least it won't be so costly. Maybe we can even get our budget back on track. Ha! Ha!

Now that our summer travels and Everett's birthday are over, we feel like life will calm down a little bit. We're still plenty busy though. I've got a list a mile long of things I want to get done, but mostly everything on it is constrained by time or money. Allen also has his list, in his mind. Sometimes it seems neither of our lists get shorter. I guess that's life though.



Wish we could have been there, can't believe he's one already! Love you guys.

Katie said...

oh, it looks like so much fun! i wish we could have come in our tropical wear!! i love you all, give e a big kiss from aunt kate!
(oh, and my list never gets shorter either!!)

Julia said...

Gosh, Jean, Everett is getting so big! He is looking like a little boy with his cute haircut. We will have to catch up sometime now that the summer craziness is over.

Tracey Shell said...

Proof that I do READ your blog! Everett was such a good little guy at his party. I'm glad Landon and Logan finally let him play with some of his toys:) You need to add a pic on here of the beautiful cake you and your mom made!