Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Joiner News

We went to Columbus this past Saturday. It was a good visit. This was one of the pictures we took on a playground there. It was a beautiful day and a good visit with my mom.

Everett has started taking more and more steps on his own...finally! On Sunday he took the most consecutive steps ever, across the kitchen with Allen and me both watching. It was about 5-6 steps. Since then he's been doing about the same. This morning he had his eye surgery, for his blocked tear ducts. While we were in the waiting area another mom asked Allen, "How long has he been walking?" It was pretty funny, because we still don't consider him a walker. It's a lot less paramount than I thought it would be. Even though many of my friends have told me this, I still expected him to take his first step and then no longer crawl from that point on. I don't know why this was my expectation...everything else with babies is a progression, especially with my son. So, I guess Everett is walking now, although he's still also crawling a lot too. :)

His eye surgery went really well. It was tough watching him go under anesthesia, but everything was fine. I'm glad it's over. He's taking a good nap this morning and should be since we had to get him up at 5:30am this morning!

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