Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We had a wonderful women's retreat this past weekend. It was so refreshing and refueling for me, physically and spiritually. I was the co-cordinator for the retreat and things went so well and I'm so relieved. There are photos from the weekend on my flickr page. We were praying for great weather and God sure came through on that one! It was 80 degrees and sunny all weekend. Although the pollen was in full effect. My car is now completely out of windshield washer fluid. Barbara Barker was our speaker and she really made me realize how much God cares about the small things in our lives. And how important it is to fix our eyes on him in everything we do.

Allen is so great to keep Everett alone on weekends like these. It was funny because when I got home he told me that he realized that I must pick things up all day. He couldn't believe how much things could get cluttered in such a short time. The house actually looked pretty great when I got home though. He's awesome!

My sister had her 4th baby last Wednesday, Elliot Christopher Prentiss. He's adorable. You can see a photo of him on my sister's blog. I'm heading out there next week to visit them and help with their other 3 kids. Everett is staying with Allen's parents for the week. It worked out really well because Allen's mom has spring break that week and she graciously agreed to watch him, even though they are renting out their house for the the Master's tournament and staying at her mother's house. Allen's going to have our house all to himself the whole week!

I bought 6 Easter eggs at wal-mart yesterday for our playgroup's Easter egg hunt tomorrow. Everett is already loving playing with them. Wait until tomorrow when there are surprises inside! :) He's cuter than ever these days...check out new photos of him on our flickr page. Here's my favorite photo as of late:

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keri said...

my mom said the retreat was great...she enjoyed being there and hearing barbara. she said you did a great job with it.
i'm excited you get to go to CA solo!! i'm sure it will be hard to leave little E...but you'll get to meet a new little E! :)