Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blog Backlog

Things have just been so busy lately, especially on the's been crazy. I just posted a ton of photos on our Flickr site. Usually I'm so good about keeping up with that at least, but it's been over a month since I had posted any pictures. We went to Augusta for Mother's Day Weekend and we've pretty much been busy since and it doesn't seem to be slowing down much. We went to the beach for Memorial Day Weekend with our dear friends Trevor & Sam. My uncle was here from Indiana for my mom's 60th birthday in the end of May. Then we went camping with our Young Couples Sunday School Class last weekend. This weekend we're heading to Augusta on Saturday to see Allen's uncle. And we've got other things planned the next couple of weekends after that! I guess it's great to have all these fun things going on though.

We're all doing really well. Everett is changing so much. He's growing up, saying new words and doing new things every day. He's also becoming somewhat of a challenge with sleeping and with his temper now though. For the past month or so his wake up time changed from 8am to around 6am. The past two mornings he's done better though so I'm hoping it's changing in the right direction. His naps have been shorter and less consistent too, but yesterday he took a great nap, so who knows? I'm thinking because we've been traveling so much it's just kind of thrown him off a little bit. He's still such a joy...he's got this huge smile now that just lights up the room and makes my heart melt. He always wants to sing the itsy bitsy spider and do patty cake. He does the motions so well, but sometimes he confuses the two songs, which is funny. He's really enjoyed swimming and he's so brave in the water. He jumps off the side to anyone in the water and he's not afraid to go under water either. I'm hoping to take him swimming a lot this summer. The best thing ever is to watch him when we pray at dinner time. He holds our hands and bows his head and says, "Amen" at the end. It's so sweet and we didn't even really teach him to do it. He just learns so much from watching us. Exciting but also kind of scary. :)

Here's a photo of Everett on his first boat ride over Memorial Day Weekend. He loved it:

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keri said...

we loved seeing ya'll tuesday! it was great catching up and seeing your little man in action!!