Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year

allen goes back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off. it's going to be weird being home without him, although the house may stay neater without him here at least. :) everett has changed so much in the past two weeks. allen spent an hour or so trying to get him to roll over the other day and now he's rolled over on his own twice in his crib since then.

everett's also eating a lot more "mush" now, which consists of fruits & rice cereal in the morning and veggies, fruits & rice cereal for lunch and dinner. we just began veggies a couple of days ago. so far he's had squash and sweet potatoes. next we'll do carrots and then peas and green beans. he's turned into such a good eater.

papa & mimi (allen's parents) gave him a high chair for christmas and it's been so nice to have. it's the fisher price healthy care high chair (in jungle plaid...which is a nice neutral print) and i would highly recommend it. much easier to feed him in it rather than the bouncy seat or holding him. since he's eating so much, he's not taking as much formula now, so that's nice...maybe save us a little $. allen keeps saying he's going to eat us out of house & home and we've begun to wonder exactly what the phrase means. :)

christmas was nice and we had a good time with our families. it went by fast though. allen got a popular mechanics subscription and i got a real simple subscription from my sister & brother-in-law and we are both really looking forward to those. allen got a new 18 volt crasftman drill from his parents and has already torn apart our downstairs bathroom to install a new sink and cabinet and i can hear the drill going in my ear as we speak. he's really loving it. i got a pair of dansko clogs (the professional in black oiled leather) from allen's parents and i'm enjoying them immensly. i've worn them every day since christmas. they're so comfortable.

we got all of our decorations put away yesterday which was really nice because it's been raining all day today. i began working on everett's scrapbook and have already completed several pages. it feels good to get started on it. our new year's resolution is to get a lot, if not all of the work done on our house...basically meaning painting the rest of the downstairs. the den and kitchen will be the most work, so we'll see how much we can get done, especially once everett starts getting into things! i'm about to start taking an aerobic kickboxing class twice a week and i'm thinking about trying a cooking class (called 30 day gourmet-a month of meals made easy) both through the gwinnett county community schools program.

looks like 2006 is off to a good start!!

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