Monday, February 06, 2006

February Already?

I can't believe that February is already here and that Everett will be 6 months old on Thursday. Time is really going by quickly. We had a great weekend, with a quick visit to my mom's in Columbus. I got to see my best friend from high school, Traci, that I hadn't seen since the late 90's. Allen and I went over to see her and meet her husband. It was really great getting to see her again. It's weird because we both ended up working with children (she's a kindergarten teacher) and marrying men who work with computers. Funny how things turn out.

Saturday night we went to Allen's friend's 30th birthday party, his old roommate, Brian Evans. Sunday we went to see Sam and Trevor's baby, Maddie, get baptized at their church, Old Peachtree Presbyterian, and over to their house for lunch afterwards. And of course Sunday night, we went to a Superbowl party with our Young Couples group at church. It was a really great party.

Allen and I joked about how Everett went to four parties in one weekend. He's such a crazy kid.

Everett is now grabbing onto and holding things really well. He now wants whatever we are holding at the time. Yesterday in church, he grabbed the hymnal that the woman was holding next to me and wrinkled up the page! He's also gotten more into sucking his thumb. After just about every bite of his food he tries to get his thumb in his mouth so we have to constantly hold his hand down. It's pretty funny.

We're excited to find out his weight and length at his 6-month doctor visit on Thursday...we'll keep you posted.

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