Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween

Everett's 2nd Halloween was much more eventful than his first. :) He was a lion this year which was adorable! We were surprised that he really didn't mind wearing his costume, although he did not enjoy having his face painted. We went to our neighborhood party and he actually won the ribbon for the best costume. He did look pretty cute and since he was the youngest one dressed up, I think he was a shoe-in. We discovered that he really likes m&m's...but what kid doesn't? He had chocolate dripping down his costume by the end of the night. We took him trick or treating to two houses and that about did him in. I think he had the most fun watching the other kids run around at the party. We all joked about how tame of a lion he was because most of the time he sat there sucking his thumb just taking it all in. We should have made him a lamb. :)

Here are some photos:


keri said...

he's so cute jean! i can't quite picture him giving a big, load "roar" though! :)

Anonymous said...

please warn him that his aunt kate might be a little over zealous when we come to visit. that sweet face gets me everytime! what a sweet boy you have!!