Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fall Happenings

Everett has begun to make the silliest faces lately. I don't know how he learned this one...but it was hilarious when I caught him doing it.

We are looking forward to having my sister and her family come to stay with us next week. We'll all be together with my mom and my brother and his family for Thanksgiving. It will be great to spend some time with them. I'm looking forward to the holidays and Allen having some time off.

We found some bunk beds for Everett's new room on Craig's List and we (mostly Allen) have been working on stripping off the paint (they were white) and sanding them down and we're now in the process of painting them navy blue. We're hoping to have them put together and in the room by the time my sister and her family comes. We'll probably move Everett into his new room after Thanksgiving. Hopefully he'll enjoy the new space! It's going to have all navy blue furniture and be filled with cars, trucks, & planes. We're going to keep his old room ready for baby #2.

So far my pregnancy is going well and I'm really starting to show. Luckily I'm through with feeling nauseous, for the most part, and I've had a lot more energy. I've actually been cleaning the house again! Allen is happy about that. We'll be able to find out if we're having a boy or girl on December 4. Allen kind of wants it to be a surprise, but I really want to find out...so we'll see what happens.

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katie said...

darn, i have to wait for the 4th!!
i can't wait to hug the silly faces boy!