Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why Oh Why?

I've been thinking about something a lot lately that I think has to do largely with living with a toddler, but also just deals with life in general. I've been wondering why my child always has a poopie diaper just after I've gotten him completely dressed and we're about to leave the house? Why is it that the shirt I pull out to wear for the day has a grease stain on it right in the front? Why is it that today, for instance, on my way to bible study at church, does Everett's sippy cup of milk decide to explode and leak through the cooler, through the diaper bag, and create a puddle on the front seat of the car?

Why is it that on days where where I have a ton to get done at home does Everett decide to take the shortest nap ever, but on days where I want him to just sleep for a short time he decides to hibernate for the afternoon? It seems like these thoughts can just go on and on. I know that these are all petty things but they seem to all collect and grate on me. It's amazing how these little things greatly effect my attitudes and emotions.

I was telling a dear friend about this today and she said that when things like this happen to her, she thinks, "Either God hates me or Satan is trying to attack me." She said she knows God doesn't hate her so it has to be the latter. In my bible study we're doing on Thursday mornings, there is a quote in the book we're reading that goes as follows:

"The truth is that we can trust a wise, loving, sovereign God to control every circumstance of our lives. Joy, peace, and stability come from believing that every circumstance that touches our lives has first been filtered through His fingers of love and is part of a great, eternal plan that He is working out in this world and in our lives."

I will say that my faith is really growing in this area right now. I'm being stretched to believe that God is just as much in the small things of every day life as he is in the big things. And that is encouraging to me.


katie said...

jean, this is great and SO TRUE!! i'll add: as soon as i wash sheets someone pees in the bed, and when the babysitter comes, the baby always wakes up!

we talk about these in terms of the fallen condition we live in... they are easy reminders to long for our true and perfect home.

can't wait to see you.

Brea said...

Great post!

I sometimes wonder if I fail to notice when things go as I want them to, and that the times when things don't go according to my plan stand out more to me? Just like I always notice when I get stopped by a red light, and thus slowed down, but sail through green lights without noticing.

I guess God gives me red lights for a reason - but I'm with you, they are usually frustrating! The truth that God is in control of every circumstance is so easy to forget, yet so comforting. Thanks for the reminder!

keri said...

even the simplest of things that don't go my way can bring about a grumpy heart in me. we surely do not have control...although we want it so badly. this was a great post!