Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stinging Caterpillars

Allen and Everett were working out in our yard on Sunday, trimming back our iris plants, when all of the sudden Allen sat down and felt a horrible sting on his rear end. A few minutes later he came across these crazy looking caterpillars and when Everett touched one, it made his finger sting really bad. Then Allen realized he must have sat on one. The stinging lasted for about half an hour. Allen looked them up and they are called Saddleback Caterpillars. It turns out that we had tons of them all over our iris plants, just snacking away. Who knew working in the yard could be so dangerous?

Here are some photos:


katie said...

did bingo get stung too?

at least it's nice of you all to feed those nasty critters. ;)

Christy said...


Julia said...

Wow, if Allen sat on one of those, I still think the caterpiller got the raw end of the deal, no pun intended... :)

Your kids are so cute too, Jean! Camille is getting so big so fast!

abbiegrace said...

Good grief! this thing looks vicious!