Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Simple Things

There were 3 toys in our collection that I liked a lot but they each drove me crazy because they either came apart or had little parts that would come off for no apparent reason.  I finally fixed the problems...superglue to the rescue!

The little blue handles on these pliers would come off all the time, why is that?  No more!

All four pieces of this ball game would come apart.  It would constantly be in four pieces on our floor...never again!

This Little People Pirate Ship is so cute but the green stand and the flag both were made to take off and on.  The only problem is the never stayed on.  Now they do.

I know these things are small but it makes me happy to know they won't come apart anymore!


Layna said...

We have that toy that Camille is playing with in the middle picture and I'm constantly having to put it back together again! Super glue... Thanks Jean!

Abbie said...

good idea!
Lost toy pieces drive me crazy. I hadn't thought about using super glue.

Alyssa said...

Way to go! It seems so logical, but I hadn't thought of it. So, thanks! I'm on a hunt for the Super Glue now!! :)