Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cute Kids

We've been cooped up a little lately because of rain and colder temps.  Sometimes it's fun to see what kids can come up with even when stuck indoors.  

We happened to have a special delivery.

When we did brave the outdoors for a short walk...the kids looked cuter than ever with their hats on.


trmills said...

Those ARE some cute kids!

Christy said...

I agree - the one redeeming quality of cold weather is the adorable hats. Your babies wear them well!

Layna said...

I feel ya with being cooped up inside for so long. Until last week, we'd be home for so long with illnesses, etc. Amazing the things kids find entertaining... like the box... Jae Anna would rather play with non-toys any day. Why we continue to buy toys for Christmas and birthdays, I don't know. We should give them a box of rocks, dirt and some water to play in ~ and they're just as or more happy! Merry Christmas to you guys. I'm sure Christmas morning will be even more fun with 2 kids to share in the fun :)