Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Superman and a Butterfly

We had a fun Halloween. Allen had the entire day off, which was fabulous for all of the errands I had to run...thanks babe! We went to a neighborhood party and then we each took Everett around to a few houses. His favorite candy was a marshmallow pumpkin, much to the disappointment of Allen...who can't imagine a kid not choosing something chocolate!

Camille was a cute little butterfly...thanks to Aunt Kate for the wings! :)

Everett told us about 3 months ago that he wanted to be a robot for Halloween...that is until he uncovered some of his cousin Oliver's old Superman pajamas from a stash of clothes I had. Then he wavered between a robot and Superman for awhile. Allen and I really wanted him to go as a robot because we thought it would be more creative. Plus, his Superman pajamas were missing the cape.

Alas, after a trip to Home Depot to buy the robot making essentials, he no longer wanted to be a robot. Instead of insisting that he be a robot, we settled for Superman. I went out the next day and bought material to make a cape. Allen and I put one together that night...which was no small feat since we don't have a sewing machine. All in all, I'm glad he was Superman. Half the time I had a hard time just getting him to wear his would have been impossible to try to get him to wear a whole robot costume.

Apparently Superman was popular this year. Here is Everett with two other Superfriends from our neighborhood.


Abbie said...

How precious!

Julia said...

Camille is sooooo cute! Things are going well here in NC--hope that you all are doing well too!