Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time has flown, our garden has grown

It's hard to believe that we started our garden back in April and now it's June already. Our kids are growing up as fast as our garden is. Everett is attending his first Vacation Bible School at our church this week and Camille is beginning to form a few words and has now mastered going down the stairs. We've had a good summer so far, including an amazing trip to Brazil.

And for the photos...

A view of the whole garden

Everett v. The corn

Zuchinni (we've had 3 ripen already...yummy)

Green Beans

Grape Tomatoes

Everett and the freshly picked zuchinni

Camille and the sidewalk chalk

We've also got broccoli and carrots coming up in the garden as well!


katie said...

i'm totally impressed! want to come here and help us next year?
beautiful garden. beautiful children.

abbie said...

look at that corn!
wow--looks like a great garden.